1976 Nola Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1980 Citymuseum Nordico, Linz, Austria
1981 New Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
1982 Niagara Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1985 Palais Liechtenstein, Feldkirch, Austria
1986 Ethnic Museum, Vienna, Austria
1987 Raya Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1990 Gallery Mahler Soest, Germany
1992 Galerie Art-Venir, Paris, France
1999 Galerie des Tropiques, Papeete, French Polynesia
2000 Art Museum Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing, PR. China
2001 Parnell Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
2004 44er Haus, Leonding, Austria
2013 Shanghai Duolun museum of modern art (all the time),P.R.China
2013 Changjiang museum of contemporary art (all the time),Chongqing
2014 19 Gallery (all the time),Chongqing,P.R.China
2015 Gallerie Anna-Tschopp (art contemporain),Marseille,France
2016 19 Gallery, Chongqing,P.R.China


Shanghai Duolun museum of modern art, P.R.China



Museum Albertina, Vienna, Austria

City Museum Nordico, Linz, Austria

Sate Museum of Upper Austria, Linz, Austria

District Museum, Braunau, Austria

Art Museum Sichuan Fine Art Institute Chongqing, PR. China

Ministry of Federal Fonds for education and culture, Austria

The City of Linz, Austria

The state of Upper Austria, Austria

City of Leonding,Austria

Shanghai Duolun museum of modern art, PR. China

Member of the Upper Austrian Artist society-withdrawal 2004

AWARD: Cultural Medal of the state of Upper Austria


1979 Catalog “CITY ASPEKTE”
1985 Catalog “JABILUM”
Australian Aborigines
with Essays by Heinz H. Busta, Walter-Karl Walde,
Landesverlag, ISBN 3-85214-652-6
2001 Exhibitioncatalog Art Museum, Chongqing, PR China
2013 Exhibitioncatalog Shanghai Duolun museum of modern art, PR China


TV reports
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1987 CHANNEL 10, Melbourne, Australia
1990 ORF2 OBERÖSTERREICH HEUTE Studio Exhibition, Linz, “Tibet”
1999 TNTV CHANNEL 5, Tahiti, Französisch-Polynesien Gallery des Tropiques
2001 CQTV1
Ausstellung Art Museum Sichuan Fine Art Institute
2007 ORF2 “OÖ Today”
ORF2 “Heimat fremde Heimat”
2010 ORF2 “Heimat fremde Heimat”
Media reports
1992 “Technikart” Special Europe, Paris, Brussels, Genf
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2001, Mai “Art News”, New Zealand



(selected) Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Scandinavia, Greenland, Australia, PR China, Japan, USA, Easter Island, Chile, French Polynesia, Bali, Timor

BIOGRAPHY ALOIS NIMMERVOLL                                                                                

1943 born in Linz, Austria
1961 Wanderlust and thirst for adventure gave the impetus to the journey to Australia
1961-1970 worked as a graphic designer of commercial art and in several other fields in Australia and Europe
1970-1972 Auditor at the Prahran College of Advanced Education. Art and Design in Melbourne, Australia.
1973 Development of his artistic expressiveness from the impressionist watercolor of different shapes, which culimnated in his personal characteristic. (“Flucturism” since 1983).
1978 opening of his own studio-gallery in Linz, Austria