A L NIMMERVOLL: hiding behind this abbreviation lies no more and no less than a lifetime and artistic partnership between a couple whose artistic talents vary greatly. ALOIS and LING NIMMERVOLL. ALOIS has concentrated on the different fields of painting in a long process of developing his own flexible style: he calls it FLUKTURISM. The basic movement is that a bow which suggets an airy motion in all its aspects which are found in nature: hazy atmosphere, the beat of a bird’s wing, waving fields, hilly landscape, waves and flames of fire… the fantasy of the artist and viewer sees no limits here: the basic motive is repeated thousands of times and new contrasts are created in space and color. LING NIMMERVOLL concentrates totally on sculputre. Here one is at home with strict geometric forms which find their roots in the canon of Chinese pictograms as well as in the affinity of masks-like transfigurations. Clear colours underline their meditative effects so that they appear nearly mystical in a world of „sights and countenances“. Each of those two artists has developed his and her ows particular signature and works within his and her own field yet one is aware of their togetherness even if it is only on an emotional basis. A L are amazingly successful in their management: they own their own gallery and are represented all over the world.